Product development

An invention or a new design will generally constitute a segment of a development process which is supposed to end up in an innovation or in an internal or domestic production. This is called product development.

Few inventors and enterprises have sufficient resources to accomplish all planning and development for a new product or a new method at their own. The answer here is COOPERATION. This is particularly relevant in projects having international importance. For a Norwegian party, it is important to be aware that the domestic market, in practically any case, is very limited compared to the potential market as a whole.

For that reason, we present CURO’s planning matrix as a reminder and guidance to all inventors and designers:

  Development Production Sale
Own efforts 1 2 3
Cooperation 4 5 6
Outsourced 7 8 9

The simple matrix above provides a summary of some choices a party has to make when developing, producing and selling new products. A modified version is also applicable to processes. The point is that often there are more options available than one usually expects, and it is necessary to have an open mind for all alternatives.

Basic product development

When you have made the strategic choices with regard to your own effort and cooperation, it is applicable to perform a general planning of the development process the introduction. Below we have made a list which can serve as a check list and basis for developing a work plan:

  • Analysis of competing solutions
  • Market survey and marked analysis
  • Work plan
  • Funding
  • Basic development
  • Prototype development
  • Testing
  • Protection
  • Governmental approval
  • Construction
  • Production planning
  • Use of subcontractors
  • Estimating
  • Mark/trademark
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Instruction manual
  • Product responsibility
  • Distribution
  • Marketing/sales


For Norwegian private parties and small enterprises, Innovasjon Norge will be the first official contact with regard to funding. The local chief of Trade and Industry (næringssjef) is also a possible contact, guide, and in some circumstances, contributor. A broader summary of funding sources is available at Altinn’s  websites.