Two different forms of illustrations are accepted, i.e. photos (black & white) or drawings. The photos must be of good quality and be prepared to offset printing and scanning. An object may be illustrated in different modes of use, e.g. with an open and closed door in case one or more parts of the elements are movable.

For a composite object, both the composite object and the individual components can be illustrated in one application. The same formal requirements applies to the illustration of the individual elements as for the application object as a whole. Each illustration shall only show one single design.

If it is desirable to protect the appearance of the object as a whole, the illustrations must show all sides/faces of the object. Even though it is logical or obvious that an object is smooth on a hidden surface, e.g. the rear side of a cabinet, this surface must be shown with an individual illustration. The same requirement applies to the bottom surface of objects. However, if it is desirable to protect only parts of the object, e.g. the front side of a cell phone, it is sufficient to illustrate only this part of the object.


It is possible to show particular details of an object by an enlarged view in order to include all details or parts. In this case, the same details must appear in a smaller scale from an overall illustration of the object.


Applicants, who do not have drawings or photos at the time of filing, may submit a model to the Norwegian Patent Office. However, a model can never replace a drawing/photo, which is required at publication of the application. Accordingly, drawings or photos must be submitted anyway at a later stage.