Design search

It may be difficult to clarify whether a new product exhibits an original shape. The reason is that there is no worldwide product register. However, to a certain degree it is possible to clarify if there are any older design registrations that may constitute a bar to free exploitation of the design provided.

If you find such an older registration, you will somehow return back to the starting point: Is the design you found really original so that the other registration actually may represent a juridical consequence? This is not always the case. But to begin with, you should assume that this is the case.

Then, you must thoroughly clarify whether your product will represent infringement or not.

Below you will find a summary of national and regional databases, which may be used in searches from your PC. In addition to entry words and company names or name of originators, you may use classification codes from the international design classification (see link below) or the Norwegian design classification (see link below).