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We celebrated 50 years in 2020

Bilde av kontorlokale ved Trekanten i Vestre Rosten 81, Tiller/Trondheim.

CURO moved to Trekanten

Curo AS has a new address at Tiller in Trondheim: Vestre Rosten 81, 7075 Tiller. The office is located in the office building Trekanten on the south side of the E6, in Lavblokk 4 with entrance to the left of the main entrance to the high-rise building. Free parking in designated areas or with stamped parking receipt from Curo.

Welcome to the intellectual property law firm CURO

CURO AS is an intellectual property law firm. We assist you in protecting your inventions/products by patent, trademark and design, which provide exclusive rights in the market. We conduct preliminary search and assessment, e.g., patent search at different levels during product development and innovation. We also conduct search regarding freedom-to-operate, which is valuable in connection with innovation and value creation, including assessment concerning risk of infringement and monitoring of patents/patent applications, design or trademark registrations.

We pursuit three core values

High professional level

We conduct a continuous professional development, internally as well as externally

Service attitude

We aim at working fast, forthcoming and perform more than you expect.


Our wish is that our effort is going to bring you value for the money.



Patent is an exclusive right obtained for inventions, and can last up to 20 years. The exclusive right prevents other from producing, selling, importing or exporting the patented product without agreement with the proprietor. However, the exclusive right does not apply if the exploitation is non-commercial, e.g. production or import for private use.

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A design registration gives the proprietor exclusive right to perform commercial exploitation of the registered design. For example, no other than the proprietor or a licensed part can produce, sell, import, export or utilize a product having the registered design. The same applies to products that contain a part or component being protected by a registered design.

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A trademark registration gives the proprietor exclusive right to use the mark as a brand for its goods and services. Only the proprietor can use the trademark or a mark being so similar that it can be mistaken for the registered one, in public relation, business documents, on package or in another manner. This is also the case when the product is meant for export, or is imported.

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